Aidilfitri Mohamed Yunos

Aidilfitri Mohamed Yunos, a versatile Malaysian director, discovered his passion for film and television at 19 while studying filmmaking in Hong Kong. His career kicked off with notable productions like “Indochine” and “Double Impact,” setting the stage for his impressive journey in the industry.

In 2011, Aidil made waves with his directorial debut, “KLIP 3GP,” which earned accolades at the Anugerah Blockbuster Awards. In 2014, Aidil clinched the Best Director award at the Kuala Lumpur Drama Festival for his work on “Rindu Awak 200%,” further cementing his reputation as a dynamic force in Malaysian entertainment.

His creative flair continued to shine through with the telemovie “Pengantin Lari Culik Artis,” captivating audiences and sparking conversations as one of the most tweeted-about shows in 2018.

Expanding his repertoire, Aidil ventured into cinema with “Aku Haus Darah Mu” and “Dubai My Love,” now streaming on Netflix and VIU. Before co-founding Tsar Asia Sdn Bhd, he honed his skills as Creative Director at the now-defunct Grand Brilliance, and as a freelance director of photography for renowned brands like McDonald’s, Petronas, Rejoice, and Marlboro.




Sariah is a seasoned professional in the Malaysian film and television industry, renowned for her exceptional talents as Head of Content Development and Executive Producer at Tsar Asia Sdn Bhd. With a career spanning over two decades, she has left an indelible mark on the industry with her innovative approach to storytelling and production.

Sariah made her debut in drama series production in 2014 with the groundbreaking “Aku Ada Wali,” which aired on TV Al Hijrah. The series garnered widespread acclaim, reaching an average of 1.2 million views per episode.

Continuing her creative streak, Sariah produced the telemovie “Pengantin Lari Culik Artis” in 2018, a show that not only captured audience attention but also became one of the top 10 most tweeted-about shows of the year. Its popularity led to a sequel, “Artis Lari Culik Pengantin Lah Pulak,” in 2020, further cementing her status as a producer with a keen understanding of audience preferences.

Additionally, she has produced two movies for cinema, titled “Aku Haus Darah Mu” and “Dubai My Love,” which is now available on OTT platforms Netflix and VIU.

In 2023, Sariah achieved yet another milestone with two of her productions making it to the top 10 most-watched shows in their respective channels: “Kalis Peluru” on RTM and “Cik Lang Swe” on Tonton. These successes underscore her ability to consistently deliver compelling content that resonates with viewers across various platforms.

Among Sariah’s other notable television credits are “Strange Encounters” and “Lost at SEA” (2016), “Sorry Naik Lori” (2022), “Sakit Tengkuk Betul Lah” (2023), and “Ready, Set, Go Kids!” (2024).

Before her prominence as a TV and film producer, Sariah honed her craft as a radio announcer for the now-defunct Star FM and worked as a freelance newsreader for Malaysia’s national broadcaster, Radio Television Malaysia.