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Dream Kids | Mini Series | Trailer

Catch “Dream Kids” streaming now on Astro Go!
Benji and friends invent a game using their imagination after his phone has been confiscated by his mother but ends up getting into trouble anyway.

BHPetrol Peraduan Merdeka Pam/Beli & Menang!

Tsar Asia produced BHPetrol’s social media video titled “Peraduan Merdeka Pam/Beli & Menang” in conjunction with Malaysia’s 62 years of independence. Customers have a chance to win cash prizes and e-Points up to RM500,000 just by spending a minimum of RM40.


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Whether you’re a mountain noob looking for adventure or an avid hiker planning your next trip, “Kaki Mendaki” which is slang in Bahasa Malaysia for “hiker” is the show to watch! Join Sharifah Sofia as she climbs Malaysia’s lesser known mountains such as Bukit Kutu in Perak, Gunung Datuk in Negeri Sembilan and Chemerong, Berembun & Langsir in Terengganu. Airing soon on RTM’s TV Okey.


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